Weekly Round Up

This week we have continued our work on multiplication in Maths. We have been looking at and describing arrays and we’ve been making doubles. We will keep practicing these so the children know them off by heart.

In Literacy, we have continued looking at our story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We have enjoyed a bit of drama this week where the children have been acting out the story in groups. We have also carried on our work on exclamation marks, where we’ve been looking at commands e.g. Leave my sandwiches alone! The children came up with some other fantastic examples.

In Geography we found out about seaside towns and compared them to Bicester. In Art, we started our work on printing and looked at lots of different examples of printing.

We have had a coach from Wildcats to work with Class 4 girls this Friday, working on their football skills. Class 3 girls have lots to look forward to when it’s their turn next Friday. We’ve also all had great fun this week exploring our new Adventure Trail.

Don’t forget Street Tag starts again on Saturday so get those walking shoes on!

Next Friday is the NSPCC Number Day, where we can all come in dressed as a digit. If possible, we’re looking for our Year 1s to come in a digit from 0-50 so we can link it in with our learning. This might include football shirts with numbers or sticking a number on an old t-shirt – anything you can think of! Please don’t go out and buy anything. As well as raising awareness for the NSPCC, please can you donate £1 on the day.

NSPCC Number Day - How to STEM

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Mrs MacIntyre, Mrs Kelly and Miss Worsfold

Weekly Round-Up

Welcome back! What a great start to the week, the sun was shining which added to that ‘beach’ feel. We had a great day being creative and playing outdoor games. We also got very crafty and made beach huts and paper plate seagulls!

In Maths we have been counting in 10s, making equal groups and repeated addition as the start of some work on multiplication.

Our focus text in English for the next few weeks is ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage. We’ve been looking at the front cover and predicting what we think might happen in the story. The children have also thought of some fantastic adjectives to describe the nouns they could see!

Just a reminder, Street Tag will be back on May 1st. Until then we are checking daily with the children about how they travelled to school as part of our ‘Big Pedal’ data collection. Well done to everyone for taking part!


PE kit days for Class 3 and Class 4 are Wednesday and Thursday.

Get Active

We will keep these useful active links on the blog-could be something for the weekend.

5 a-day-fitness

PE with Joe (The body coach)

Go Noodle (Register for free)

Cosmic kids


We will leave this information here each week for easy access. 

Please remember to reinforce the correct pencil grip at home; the correct letter and number formation. 

This video shows how the children are taught in Foundation using the Read Write Inc scheme but please note that we use a ‘curly’ k and the ‘f’ has a longer tail that carries on below the line.

Letter formation video 

The following video will reinforce the correct number formation for 0-9

Have a great weekend

Mrs MacIntyre, Mrs Kelly and Miss Worsfold