Weekly Round up

We have continued with our Seaside topic this week and have looked at the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’ in relation to our text the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. We have orally composed sentences using these conjunctions and written some in our books.

In Maths we have started our work on fractions. We have focused on a half this week and we have found half of shapes, objects and amounts. Next week we will move on to working on quarters.

During our art session we are focusing on printing this term. We will be looking at the work of two famous artists from the past-William Morris and Andy Warhol; both significant figures when looking at the impact they had on art and printing.

In geography we have looked at and described St Ives. We found it on a map and watched a tourist board clip to give us more information. The children made their own fact files about the town.

‘School Street’ began on Wednesday, an initiative to try and make the streets around schools safer and limit traffic. We have spoken to the children about the importance of staying on the paths, despite the road being closed, whilst waiting to come into school-we don’t want the children to think that roads can be used as a place to play!

We hope you’re still getting out to add to our Street Tag score, despite the less than desirable weather! Thank you for taking part.

SCHOOL CLUBS: You should have received the list with after-school clubs on. These need to be returned to school by Monday 17th May. The children should only choose clubs from their ‘bubble’, those for ‘Classes 3 and 4’. We will do our best to make sure your child gets at least one of their clubs requested.
SNACKS: These should be healthy; a piece of fruit or cereal bar.
FOOTWEAR: Children should wear SCHOOL SHOES on the days that they don’t do PE, which will be three days of the week. On PE days children are allowed to wear trainers.
PE kit days: Wednesday and Thursday
Get Active
We will keep these useful active links on the blog-could be something for the weekend.
5 a-day-fitness
PE with Joe (The body coach)
Go Noodle (Register for free)
Cosmic kids

Have a great weekend

Mrs Macintyre, Miss Worsfold and Mrs Kelly